Review of Cornell & Diehl Da Vinci


This blend from Cornell & Diehl is a delightful English blend! Composed of burley, bright virgnians, and a heavy amount of latakia, this blend works very well as an everyday smoke for those who like a good kick! The bright virginians and latakia combine and create a dark creamy smoke with bursts of sweet tea, spice, and hickory. It has a solid sweetness that counterbalances some of the spicier notes. This blend is definitely latakia heavy, but those who prefer milder blends should give this one a shot! The latakia is well balanced with the sweetness of the virginians and is not as heavy as in other blends like Pirate Kake. If you love latakia, this blend is a great every day smoke that’s going to give you everything you enjoy while being sweet and smooth enough not to turn your tongue into sandpaper. I would rate this blend 9/10! It is one of my favorite smokes lately and I highly recommend it to all!

-Jacob Hale

Pipe Smokers in History

Herman Melville’s seminal work, Moby Dick, was first published October 18, 1851. Many actors have portrayed the singularly focused Captain Ahab before and since, but none so forcefully as life long pipe smoker, Gregory Peck. Peck’s Ahab set the standard, and is the inspiration behind many other similarly obsessive sailors such as Quint from Jaws. 

Pipe Night October


Our October 15, 2016 pipe night will be live on twitter, instagram, and Facebook. Look for the hashtag #napapipe on your favorite social media platform. Pipe Night starts at 7pm central.

Review of Wild Fire by Southern Gentleman Tobacco

Southern Gentleman Tobacco was coined by our Secretary and Treasurer, Josh Smith, as the name under which he releases his private blends. Wild Fire is the first blend under this banner. This is an American Style Oriental that is comprised of Bright Virginia, Perique, Old Dark Fire, and Oriental tobaccos. At first light you are met with an incredible meshing of sweetness from the Oriental and spice from the Perique. The great complexity gets nicely wrapped together with a smooth smokiness that can only come from Old Dark Fire. It does not burn very hot, and I received little to no tongue bite while smoking. While this blend teeters the line of medium-full body, the Oriental sweetness and the mellowing Virginia makes it smokable at any time of day. Whether pairing it with a creamy latte first thing in the morning or a nice glass of bourbon after dinner, you will not be disappointed. The room note is smoky and robust, so it may not be one to smoke in the house. Overall, I give this blend an 8/10 rating. If you are in the area of Florence, AL I would recommend going to the Cigar Room Shoals and picking up a jar. You definitely won’t regret it.